Writing Enticing Captions

Our most recent blog posts, The Instagram Algorithm is 2021 (Part 1, Part 2), talk about ways to use the Instagram algorithm to increase engagement and growth through creative and strategic methods. Now, we’re talking about your copy.

While it may seem minor, captions are actually a huge part of bringing in engagement. You have the ability to provide valuable information or continue your story from your image, in text form. Here are some tips for engaging captions!

1. Create Community

A recent Social Light caption: “If you're a business owner, you're probably familiar with feeling like you can't stop working.”

Through this statement, we’re relating to people who could benefit from the information we’re providing. Let’s break that sentence down:

  • If you’re a business owner…” ➝ we’re immediately speaking to a specific group of people

  • You’re probably familiar with feeling like you can’t stop working” ➝ we’re letting that group of people know that we’re not immune to this feeling either, then we go on to provide a solution to that problem

2. Spark Interest or Curiosity

Social Light caption example: “We love supporting small businesses!” The caption goes on to speak about a non-profit we worked with.

If someone who owns a small business comes upon this post, this may spark their... say it with me now: interest or curiosity. Yes! They may start to think, “Well I’m a small business owner. I wonder how they could help me?”

Another option for an interest-peaking caption could actually be something shocking. Your first sentence could be as simple as:


  • “Hold up…”

  • “I’ve heard it all…”

  • “You heard it here first!”

  • “It’s time to get real…”

3. Include Tips and Advice

Social Light caption example: “All About Instagram Hashtags” Then we go on to introduce concerns many people have surrounding hashtags, while the graphic provides solutions.

This wording simply states what this post is about - it’s getting right to the point.

Here's an example of a caption you may want to stay away from for the type of post:

I’ve been so frustrated by hashtags lately. I haven’t been seeing engagement, my growth halted, and I just wasn’t sure if they were even working anymore...so I decided to do some research! Here’s everything I discovered through my own research and trial and error. Let me know if these tips work for you!

You’re telling a story and stating the problem, but people may not read to the end of your caption to see that you also have a solution. Now more than ever, people have VERY quick attention spans, so it’s best to get straight to the point with some captions.

4. Emojis Are Your Friends!

Whether you add them to the beginning, to the end, or book end your sentence or paragraph, emojis can hint to the tone or topic of your caption / content, and catch people's attention.

Use emojis to emphasize important information or make paragraphs look visually appealing.

Check out one of Social Light’s caption talking about our clients new fitness app:

We add relating emojis, but also emojis that are a visual call-to-action.

5. Ask a Question

This is probably one of the most important caption tips, and ties in with the first one. By asking a question to your community, you’re not just presenting them with quality content, you’re involving them in your brand.

Social Light caption example: “What’s your mid-workday pick-me-up?” We go on to talk about how our team takes a break and gets re-energized, and we’re letting you know that we WANT you to be a part of our conversation!

It’s so important for your followers to be involved. Relationships are a two-way street, even on Instagram.


One way or another, you want your visitors to stick around on your post or page as long as possible. What you say and how you say it goes a long way in capturing attention and building authenticity and trust.

If you’re finding any part of preparing and scheduling your content difficult, book a discovery call with us to learn more about our Do It Yourself or Do It With You packages! With month-to-month agreements available, you can work with us for a long or as little as you need to!

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