Writing Enticing Captions

Our most recent blog posts, The Instagram Algorithm is 2021 (Part 1, Part 2), talk about ways to use the Instagram algorithm to increase engagement and growth through creative and strategic methods. Now, we’re talking about your copy.

While it may seem minor, captions are actually a huge part of bringing in engagement. You have the ability to provide valuable information or continue your story from your image, in text form. Here are some tips for engaging captions!

1. Create Community

A recent Social Light caption: “If you're a business owner, you're probably familiar with feeling like you can't stop working.”

Through this statement, we’re relating to people who could benefit from the information we’re providing. Let’s break that sentence down:

  • If you’re a business owner…” ➝ we’re immediately speaking to a specific group of people

  • You’re probably familiar with feeling like you can’t stop working” ➝ we’re letting that group of people know that we’re not immune to this feeling either, then we go on to provide a solution to that problem

2. Spark Interest or Curiosity

Social Light caption example: “We love supporting small businesses!” The caption goes on to speak about a non-profit we worked with.

If someone who owns a small business comes upon this post, this may spark their... say it with me now: interest or curiosity. Yes! They may start to think, “Well I’m a small business owner. I wonder how they could help me?”

Another option for an interest-peaking caption could actually be something shocking. Your first sentence could be as simple as:


  • “Hold up…”

  • “I’ve heard it all…”

  • “You heard it here first!”