The Value Of Social Media, Especially Now

In mid-March of this year, everything came to a halt. No one was really sure what to do. The same went for social media. As more and more people were turning to their accounts to take their work online, provide assistance during quarantine, and sharing DIY projects, workouts, and genuinely unique ways to do pretty much anything, there became a larger, more invested audience.

People were scrambling to the internet for advice, help, and to see how others were accomplishing similar things. Or simply for distraction. Either way, social media use increased when the pandemic hit, making the online presence and voice of brands more valuable, accessible, and significant.

1. Social Media Is Essential For Businesses

While small towns might be further along in the opening process, big cities such as Los Angeles are still pretty much on lockdown. Here at Social Light, we’ve chosen to stay virtual; restaurants are only open for take-out, and sit-down dining if there is outdoor seating; recreational activities aren’t open unless you’re talking about the beach, tennis courts, or other socially-distant-able venues; shopping malls aren’t open unless they’re stand-alone stores or outdoor malls; and store hours are limited, even for essential businesses.

If you’re a business, whether or not you’re able to bring your products/services online, it’s important to let your customers know what exactly is going on.

Keep your Google Business page, Facebook, and Yelp up to date! These are the social avenues that list your business/store hours and availability. Customers ARE using these resources to figure out which stores are open, which have limited hours, and which are still closed. You should also be updating your website and social media with this information as well.

2. Stay Connected

This is important especially if you are a business that can’t sell online or move to online services. Take this opportunity to truly know who your customers are, what they’d like to see when you reopen your business, maybe what they’d like from you now, or let them know you’re here and you appreciate them.

Go Live, post Q&A’s using Instagram Story stickers, take polls on your Instagram Story, etc. Keep your audience involved. You can also provide video tutorials, at-home instructions, tips & tricks, or whatever you can for your brand to keep people engaged and remembering you.

3. Selling Online

Currently, social media is the only guaranteed, sure way you can connect 1-on-1 with your customers. If you naturally sell online or were able to move your store online, you haven’t lost the ability to speak directly to your customers!

This is the only option for a lot of businesses and is a method that may allow you to save some money because you’re not spending it immediately on ads. Appreciate your current and past customers:

  • Offer a special discount for select people on your email list

  • Offer a discount for customers who are fans of your brand and have left positive reviews

  • Do a giveaway and encourage customers to engage in order to be entered

There are several ways to encourage sales in an authentic way without being too pushy. The above sales tips can show you understand and are considerate of the fact that many people have hit hard financial times.

Understand what’s going on in the world and adjust accordingly. You DO need to think about your businesses and what’s best for you in order to make it through these tough times, but hearing your audience and customers can foster deeper relationships and conversations, and could even encourage more sales.

All from your home!

4. Where Does Your Business Fit In?

At Social Light, business slowed down for the first month of the pandemic. From our perspective, people were tightening their purse strings and cutting what they believed to be unnecessary expenses.

Understandably so! However, social media seemed to be the first to go.

On the other hand, brands and individuals are coming back to us and we’re also seeing a rise in new clients. Here’s the media is where business is happening now! For a brick & mortar store you need a team, right? You need to purchase items from vendors, get a logo created, get signs made, hire some employees, buy a cash register (or an ipad), possibly hire an accountant, you need to buy insurance, etc. The same concept goes for social media but it’s probably going to be cheaper!

This is our job so it doesn’t have to be yours. We do market research, study your niche, your analytics, your email lists...all to help you understand where your brand fits in during these crazy times, but fostering creativity and innovation to help you stand out.

YES, the ecommerce world is probably saturated with similar businesses. But we help settle you into your new home of online business, then paint your house neon green (metaphorically, of course).

5. Your Doors ARE Open!

As we mentioned earlier, currently the only guaranteed source for finding customers is online. A team that provides consistent analytics, strategy, and assistance is what will keep you from becoming overwhelmed before, during, and after this transition!

At Social Light, we’re setting up product tagging, creating or redoing websites to accommodate efficacy and customer satisfaction, setting up YouTube and TikTok accounts, and implementing creative direction to allow our clients content to stand out from the (literal) crowd!

6. Customer Support

This aspect of business has mostly been online for quite some time. But while your customer team responds to emails directly to your business, a social media team can assist with Community Management!

Plenty of consumers are leaving comments on posts and direct messages on social media hoping to receive customer support. It’s a good thing to cover all your bases!

Did you know that 49% of consumers will unfollow a brand due to poor customer service? Something to think about…

7. It’s All About The Data

These days, when purchasing online is guaranteed, your social analytics and purchasing data is all the proof you need. Automated online tracking helps you know where you stand with your online presence and, comparing that to your sales, you receive possibly even better insight on where your sales are coming from, and so much more.


Being able to help our clients grow and rise above today’s challenges is what we’re all about at Social Light. Whether you’re in need of project consulting or a full team, we’re here to help you stand out from the crowd and excel.

Email us to set up a meeting!