The Truth Behind Instagram Automation

Posting, editing, content creation, understanding analytics, replying to comments and messages, social media advertising, developing and managing brand partnerships, managing influencer campaigns, staying on brand while staying ahead of the game...there’s a LOT that goes into Instagram account management alone. Then of course you have to manage your brand on all your other social platforms, including your website.

So of course it’s enticing when you see any combination of these words online “Instagram growth,” “fast,” “growth service,” “massive following,” “automated,” etc. However, is this the best strategy and is this allowed?

Social Light was featured in a New York Times article recently where we spoke about our approach to social media management. We thought we’d take this moment to speak further and clarify what types of automation tools are useful for social media.

Let’s start by clarifying a few things:

What Exactly IS Instagram Automation?

When you hear “Instagram automation,” it’s often referring to those little spammy bots that like, comment, and follow accounts for you. They often don’t follow Instagram’s guidelines, which can lead to your account being shut down or you being locked out. I’m sure you’ve seen strange, nonsensical comments on a post of yours...congratulations, you’ve experienced a bot!

What ISN’T Instagram Automation?

There are definitely legitimate, social media-accepted, automated features. They’re acceptable because they’re not cheating the system but do encourage ultimate customer service and practices to ensure your brand does well...legally.

Here are some automation systems that are okay to use:

  • Scheduling platforms: Social media managers (in- or out-of-house) use these since they manage dozens to hundreds of platform accounts.

  • Chat bots: you’ve probably seen this on Facebook. They pop up right when you go to a brand’s page. This is a tactic used for the system to sort out what topic a customer is reaching out about. This way, a representative can help someone quickly and efficiently.

  • Social media analytic reports: these are automatic systems that A.) Do the math for you, and B.) provide you with information that’s already available to you, just in a more concise, readable format.

How To Use Social Media Automation To Your Benefit

1. Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Get rid of those reminders (and headaches) of when to post. Scheduling your posts using an automated platform is only to your benefit. These systems not send your posts out for you, they also help determine when the best time for you to post is, in order to receive the best engagement. It literally does the work for you! And saves you a LOT of time.

Here’s a Social Light tip: create a content calendar to plan out an entire month of content - this would include the content you’ll be posting, what platform(s) it’ll go out on, the date it’ll go out on, the caption, and any hashtags you’d like to include!

2. Chatbots For Ultimate Customer Service

They’re basically your digital concierge. On the business’ end, this can improve customer service by providing 24/7 service for certain concerns and can route customers to an appropriate department or agent for assistance.

Take a look below at some of the ways that chatbots are being used on Facebook: