The Instagram Algorithm In 2021: PART 2

Whether you meticulously study the Instagram algorithm until your eyes bleed or not, you’ve probably noticed quite a few changes - some obvious, like Instagram Reels and where you go on your account to post - but what about the changes you can’t see? We’re dissecting the changes to the Instagram algorithm for 2021 so you don’t have to!

Welcome to Part 2, the last in our blog series, The Instagram Algorithm In 2021! If you haven’t read Part 1, we recommend giving it a read first.

In Part 1, we spoke about the Instagram algorithm in regards to Feed posts. Part 2 is focusing on

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The following information is useful for all users: infrequent app users, frequent app users, average accounts, influencers, and brands/businesses.


If you’re wondering why you’re seeing certain accounts at the top of your stories feed and not others, it’s because those are the accounts you engage with the most. And that includes any type of engagement!

When it comes to the Timeliness factor in Stories, the algorithm is similar to the Instagram Feed, to show you the latest and greatest from your favorite accounts - you’re now not just a follower, you’re a fan! Which is Instagram’s goal: to determine who’s an actual fan of certain accounts.

Instagram Stories, in my opinion, is one of Instagram’s most intelligent features. It can be used by any type of account in any capacity:

  • If you’re a creator, you can get very creative with content even in your Stories.

  • You can do an entire series of...anything! Whether you’re a product-based company, a service-based company, an influencer, or simply establishing a brand presence, Stories are geared to all.

  • You can post as much as you want, however you want. Personally, I prefer to post creative photos on my stories, and don’t often do video. So if you don’t love being in front of the camera, the Stories algorithm doesn't mind!

  • You can highlight your stories (but you should be strategic in what you highlight or else things can get lost), and reference people to them without overwhelming your feed with promos, graphics, or whatever you’re chatting about.

However, when posting on Instagram stories, it IS important to post consistently. It really doesn't take much (unless you’re getting SUPER creative) and it will help your ranking. Make sure you’re posting content that is relevant to your brand. Your followers/viewers are watching your stories for a reason, therefore consistency with the type of content you post is important as well.

Stories are also a great place to repurpose content. Say you did a really awesome photoshoot and you’ve picked the photos you want for your Feed, but you want to utilize others within the same look. Just use an app (or Canva...we LOVE Canva) to help you create a killer Instagram Story and upload as a teaser or a way to signify you have a new post!