The Instagram Algorithm In 2020: Part 2


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The all-consuming question regarding Instagram in 2019: “Does anyone know what’s going on with the Instagram algorithm?”

What’s the goal of Instagram’s algorithm? What data does it collect? Is the algorithm the same among different features? What does it calculate? How does it work?!

We’re here to break down the following:

  1. Instagram algorithm in relation to feed posts

  2. Instagram algorithm in relation to story posts

  3. Instagram algorithm in relation to IGTV

  4. Instagram algorithm and the Explore page

Instagram Algorithm In Relation To Feed Posts

While, yes, the Instagram algorithm is constantly changing, there are a few key things that remain the same. According to Instagram, there are 6 factors that are considered in the Instagram algorithm for your Feed posts:

  • Interest

  • Relationship

  • Frequency

  • Following

  • Timeliness

  • Usage

The Instagram algorithm is changing ALL the time, based on the data that’s collected every second. On Instagram’s Live Q&A, someone asked, “How often do you change the Instagram algorithm?”

Instagram’s answer: “Because it’s powered by machine learning, Instagram’s feed ranking is constantly adapting and improving based on new data.”

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1. Interest

The Instagram algorithm can predict, based on recent content you’ve engaged with, what posts may earn your engagement - this doesn’t necessarily mean you’d follow them, just that you might engage with certain posts (however, you as a user are probably more likely to follow someone you engage with frequently).

Everything you see in your feed is most likely based on your previous engagements and behaviors on Instagram. This includes feed posts, Instagram stories, and even what comes up for you on the Explore page.