Social Media In Relation To Sports

Athletes represent some of the most-followed accounts across social media. Major sports companies such as Sports Center, NFL, NBA, etc - anything that promotes sporting events and competitions - are #1 for social media engagement when it comes to sports. But how can athletes stand out from these companies and their team especially on social media?

We’re discussing how social media and sports are evolving and what athletes can do to adapt.

COVID-19 + Sports = ☹️

Beginning an almost international quarantine in March of 2020, seasons were halted and the future of sports - not to mention the careers of athletes - was uncertain. Of course, fans were outraged, but this passion for athletics and competition allowed for the conversation to continue throughout inactive seasons.

Athletic conversation has even continued especially through the extremely unfortunate passing of Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan’s miniseries, The Last Dance. Sports also picked back up as other countries ability to open came slowly but surely.

Although seasonal sports resumed at the end of July, fans in America are chomping at the bit to be back in the stands. Until then, sports are looking a little...different:

Yep. Welcome to the new normal.

Although COVID-19 has introduced empty stadiums and stands, it’s also introduced integral ways of keeping sports relevant and fans engaged:

  • Keeping fans up-to-date on team news (player signings, contracts, league announcements)

  • Providing fans with opportunities to engage with teams and players (caption contests, Q&As, Live takeovers)

  • Highlighting team-related community events and news

What Can Athletes Do Stay Relevant Or Increase Relevance?

It’s safe to say that die-hard fans are more passionate now more than ever - if they’re fired up during a good game, imagine how fired up they are when their season is cancelled! Now imagine these fans tweeting at their team and the players on their’s a perfect opportunity for individual players to engage (if appropriate, of course)!

Here are some smart and effective ways athletes can stay relevant and even grow on social media without a full social media team:

  • Live tweeting events (games, press conferences, drafts, etc)

  • Creating a hashtag for something relevant in sports

  • Getting fan feedback from Instagram polls or Q&A sessions

  • Hey...even starting a TikTok could be effective!

You can use these tactics during and even after a game to keep the hype going! Keep in mind, creativity is extremely important when it comes to the popularity of an account.

Decrease Fan FOMO