Social Light Announces Sports Division!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Social Light Partners With Sports Industry Leaders To Take Athletes’ Careers To The Next Level

Your Team On The Sideline

We’re the teammate you never knew you needed! We’re here to execute the client’s social media playbook to help retain sponsorships, brand deals, and a future outside of athletics that they can count on.

Your Dedicated Team

Meet the rest of our team!

We’re Here To Help:

  • Increase fans and engagement

  • Amplify your individual voice

  • Secure endorsement deals

  • Increase revenue outside of the game

Why This Matters

We understand that athletes risk injury every time they train, practice, and compete. Many athletes don’t know they can amplify their brand outside of the team, and create additional streams of revenue.

We’re here to build an engaged audience that cares about not only the team you play for, but you as an individual. We help to create opportunities outside of traditional brand deals and enhance your career outside of the game.


Learn more by heading to our website or emailing Zack and Allese for a more in-depth conversation about how Social Light can help!

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