So You Want to be an Instagram Influencer: Part 4, Posting Your Content

With an ever-changing Instagram algorithm it can be difficult to predict what move to make, and when to make it. And that’s just if you’re a product or service-based brand on social media. If you’re an influencer (or working on becoming one), there’s a whole other set of rules you need to follow.

This fourth part of our multi-part blog series on becoming an Instagram influencer is focusing on posting your content, and yes, it’s much more in-depth than it may sound! Here are some topics we’ll be covering:

  • How often to post

  • Understanding your analytics

  • Optimizing your captions

  • Hashtags

This part gets into the nitty gritty of backend data and analyzing your numbers, but we’ll try not to overwhelm you! You can definitely just start by having a basic understanding of what you’re seeing, then once you get the hang of it, it should be easy breezy to take it from there!

How Often to Post

This is a bit of a grey area. Here’s what we know for sure: you should definitely be posting 3-4 times per week. Some say post once a day, and some say you can post up to 3 times per DAY.

That last one doesn’t really make sense to us, and here’s why: While it’s getting more and more difficult to figure out what the Instagram algorithm is doing and calculating, we do know that if you post more than once a day (unless you’re ALREADY an Influencer and your content is SUPER engaging), your content will end up completing with itself.

Have you ever opened up Instagram, saw the cover of a swipe post, closed it, opened it up a few hours later and saw the second slide of that swipe post? Instagram essentially knows how you relate to that person and their content, so they may show it to you more than once to entice you to engage with it (oh yeah, big brother is watching LOL). If you don’t allow your followers time to engage with your 1st piece of content (at least 24 hours), they may never see it.

Now, as you grow and as the algorithm changes, you may find this to be less relevant if you have solid engagement no matter when or how many times you post. But we recommend allowing people to find you, see you, love you, and follow you before you start slamming them with multiple posts a day.

The best middle ground? Post every other day! You can always adjust as needed.

Understanding Your Analytics

You can use your analytics to determine when to post, your content direction, who to target, and so much more.

Instagram’s backend analytics are most likely going to be the most accurate, but external data programs might help read your data differently so you can use it in the most effective and efficient way.

Audience Analytics

This is the data you’ll see under Audience Analytics: