So You Want to be an Instagram Influencer: Part 2, Shooting Your Content

With an ever-changing Instagram algorithm it can be difficult to predict what move to make, and when to make it. And that’s just if you’re a product or service-based brand on social media. If you’re an influencer (or working on becoming one), there’s a whole other set of rules you need to follow.

This second part of our multi-part blog series on becoming an Instagram influencer is focusing on shooting your content, planning your content, and posting your content. Here are some topics we’ll be covering:

Shooting Your Content

  • What’s most important: regular feed content, Reels, or IG Stories?

  • Professional vs iPhone photography

  • DIY Photoshoot set-up

  • What to be aware of when shooting

  • Quality over quantity

  • Staying on brand

What’s most important: regular feed content, Reels, or IG Stories?

Great question! With so many changes on Instagram’s backend over the last year, it’s no surprise that everyone’s been asking this. Long story short, feed posts are still VERY important but Reels are currently taking the cake. What we mean is, Reels seriously help with increasing your engagement, and the chances of getting “noticed” for whatever it is you do!

As we mentioned in our first blog post in this series, here are the rules that Instagram prefers you to follow, and some things to keep in mind when shooting your content:

Instagram Feed

  • Take up the real estate of the page. Post vertical photos that are 4:5 in ratio (1080 x 1350).

  • Within that 4:5 aspect ratio, make sure your content is vertically centered. What we mean is, make sure you haven’t cut off your head when someone is viewing the photo square on your profile grid.

  • Post high-quality photos. Nothing pixelated or grainy.


Reels are still considered a fairly new feature, so we don’t have concrete rules to share but these are the suggestions we’ve found helpful.

  • Use the audio Instagram provides, not audio outside of Instagram.

  • Hop on trending songs, challenges, etc.

  • Post consistently! We’re hearing now you should be posting Reels 3-5x per week to maintain or increase overall engagement.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a feature that people definitely sleep on - don’t be that person! Here are a few tips to apply to Instagram Stories to increase your engagement:

  • Post on Instagram Stories almost every