Setting Up A Business Facebook Page

Social platforms are king when it comes to offering features to support your brand and how you operate. Almost every client that comes to us does have a Facebook Page set up, but it’s often not optimized for their brand and what they’re trying to promote.

Imagine this: you're a small business owner. Your time is limited and marketing isn’t the only thing you’re worrying about. You know you need an online presence so you quickly create a Facebook page when you finally get a moment. At least that part’s done and you figure you’ll come back later with a logo, a banner, and you’ll carefully go through each part of your page when you have a couple hours at a time. But, of course, there are never enough hours in the day.

Sound familiar? Welcome to the life of building a brand!

Don’t worry, Social Light went through similar struggles. That’s why we’re writing one of the shortest blogs in our 18-article blog history: How to set up your Facebook Page for business!

Here are a few statistics to confirm why you NEED a Facebook page:

  • Over 90 million people use Facebook for their small business

  • Out of the 2.45 billion active Facebook users, 69% of those are adults

  • 74% of the adult users make more than $75k a year...which means they may be willing to purchase, even spontaneously, a product on Facebook

There are infinite benefits of creating a Facebook Page for your business and using it to promote your brand and sell your products - ads, targeting, customer reviews, establishing brand legitimacy, etc. But we won’t overwhelm you with that right now. Today we’ll just focus on setting up your Facebook Page.

Facebook Page For Small Business

While beginning this process, keep in mind that not every feature available on Facebook is best for your brand. You will also need to have a personal Facebook account before creating a Facebook page. This is because your personal account will be the manager of the page and that’s how you’ll access the backend.

To create your page, log in to your personal Facebook account and go to Pages on the left hand side. There, you’ll be able to create a new page!

1. Template

Yes, Facebook has templates for their pages! Once you’ve created the page, it’s time to customize it. You should know the purpose of your Facebook page in order to choose a template (offering services, selling products, allowing bookings, etc): Services, Business, Venues, Nonprofit, Politicians, Restaurants & Cafes, Shopping, Video Page, and Standard.

You’ll want to choose the template that best suits your business needs. For example, above, you see Social Light utilizes the “Services” template. This is because we offer and list services on our Facebook page, however we don’t offer bookings or products to least not yet.

Don’t sweat about if you may have chosen the wrong template. You’ll be able to go back and change your template if you think another one might be better, or if your business evolves over time and you need additional features.

2. Tabs

Right below your Template section on the same page, you’ll see the Tabs section. This is pretty simple and can always be changed as well. You can start with using the Default tabs, or you can decide yourself which ones you’d like to be featured on your Facebook page.

3. Links And Call To Action

For our Social Light business page, we’ve added our services simply by clicking on the “Services” tab.

No matter your template, Facebook will provide you with prompts for adding services, setting up booking, and more. Do what fits best for your business!

To set up your call-to-action button, just hover over it and you’ll be able to customize.

4. Set Up Facebook Messenger

There ARE benefits to being a small business and a big one is your customer service! You can set up your Facebook Messenger bot to encourage customers to feel at-home and welcomed with your brand. You can add a huge variety of automated greetings, information, and responses to allow your customers to receive certain information about your business without having to jump through hoops to speak to someone.

After your page is set up with the above features and information, upload your logo and a Facebook banner to your page! Make sure your page is fully branded to your business. Check out one of our previous blogs, Strategies For Social Media Branding, to learn more about how to brand your business online!


When you’re ready to take the next step with your business, contact Social Light! We’re a full-service marketing company that assists businesses like yours with everything from social media branding and management to advertising and marketing campaigns, to website design and ecommerce solutions!