Keep Your Business Relevant During Quarantine

Stay connected with your customers during these unprecedented times!

We’re breaking down how you can stay connected with your customers, let them know you’re still open or available to them, and encourage them to place orders with you.

1. Placing Orders

Let customers know they can still contact you to place orders! Stay active on your social media, maybe even more than you previously have been. Be sure to consistently provide your direct contact information so your customers don’t have to go searching for it. Make things as easy as possible right now to provide less-stress for your customers!

Here are some assets we’ve created for you to post on your social media to let your customers know you’re available to accept orders:

2. Shopping Online

Even though your storefront might be closed, you can still encourage customers to shop online! Don’t have an online store? You can easily set up a shop on sites like Etsy, or build your own website. When posting on social media, be sure to include links to your website or to specific items you are selling. Again, make it easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Need help setting up shop on your own website? Social Light is here to help! After an initial call, we can send you a list of all types and how many assets we’d need (images, copy, logo, pricing lists, etc) so we can get you up and running FAST.

Here are some assets we’ve created for you to post on your social media to let your customers know your online shop is open and accepting orders:

3. Online Events and Appointments

If you’re more of an in-person business that offers group or individual appointments,

think about what this may look like if you took your business online! Keep in mind, if your appointment or class involves physical tools or objects, your customers may not have those available to them, but can you supplement those in an equal manner?

If you have to postpone or cancel an in-person event, try hosting a Live on Facebook or Instagram instead! Going Live is a great way to broadcast real-time video on Facebook with just your camera on a desktop or mobile device. You can even charge tickets to an online event through Eventbrite (Facebook’s ticketing partner)!

Things to do on Live:

  • Host a Q&A

  • Go live with someone and interview them

  • Showcase and explain your products and services

  • Teach your audience how to do something

Tips for going Live:

  • Go live with Wi-Fi instead of cellular for a smoother streaming experience

  • Use a tripod or a way to prop up your device instead of holding it

  • Interact with your audience and respond to comments and questions

  • Post about your Live ahead of time

Need help with setting up, planning, or promoting your Live? Social Light’s

consultation services are available right now at a discount!

4. Give and Receive Support

This is a two-parter. First, how can you give support to your customers? If your business is fully closed until further notice, open up the conversation to how your business can improve in the future and take this time to apply (appropriate) customer suggestions and wish-lists. If you’re more of a technology-based business, let your customers know you’re still available to offer customer support and troubleshooting support.

Second, don’t be afraid to ask for support. A lot of businesses are, one way or another! Whether it’s through creating a GoFundMe to support your temporarily laid-off employees, encouraging customers to purchase products through your business versus a storefront like Amazon (maybe this means you offer a little discount?), or taking future appointments (maybe with a deposit?), there are a few ways you can earn a little extra cash right now to keep aspects of your business afloat.

Here are some assets we’ve created for you to post on your social media to let your customers know how you can support them, and how they can support you:

5. Sell Gift Cards

The most consistently efficient thing to offer your customers: gift cards (if you offer

them)! Encourage your customers to purchase a gift card from your business for themselves, or as birthday gifts for friends and family. You’ll be able to make some extra cash and they have something to look forward to after quarantine is over! Let people know how to find and purchase them.

Here are some assets we’ve created for you to post on your social media to let your customers know they can purchase gift cards from you:

6. Express Gratitude

It may not seem like much, but being transparent (to an extent) with your customers will provide a feeling of unity during these times. Let your people know how much you appreciate their past and current support, no matter what form their support comes in! Keep it simple and let them know you are united with your community.

Here are some assets we’ve created for you to post on your social media to let your customers know you appreciate all they do for you:

7. Keep Up Customer Relationships

Online responses on platforms such as Facebook or your website are great to supply information when you’re closed, semi-closed, or not available to respond to your customers right away or at all. You can even set up automated responses to frequently asked questions such as business hours and how to place orders!

Here are some automated responses we’ve formulated for you to use on your social media messaging apps or your website:

  • Hi! We’re ready to take your order! Feel free to call (555-5555), email (, or message us here.

  • Thanks for your message! Our store is currently closed but we are still taking orders online! Send us an email or check out or website to order:

  • Thank you for your message! We’ve moved our appointments to be online while our office is closed. Please email us or leave us a message to make a virtual appointment:

  • We are currently not accepting new orders. If you have questions or concerns about an existing order, feel free to message us here or send us an email:

We understand that this time is very different for businesses. This is why Social Light is here to help, however we can! Please contact us for any questions, consultations, services, and more.

If you are interested in signing up for our Facebook / social media classes, please email us so we can get you on the list and provide you with more information!