Influencer Marketing + Coronavirus = ?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Consumers are turning to the internet for...literally everything.

People don’t want to be (and shouldn’t be) putting themselves or their families at risk by leaving to buy groceries, entertainment, or other things for their home during this time, so they’re turning to the internet for...literally everything.

So how has this affected influencer marketing?

We know - and so do brands - that this is a sensitive time. Brands are using influencer marketing to stay a part of the conversation but not be the conversation. Whether they're your local esthetician or your community’s chain retailer or fitness center, brands are turning to influencers as a way of sustaining brand loyalty, affinity and purchase intent.

Anything that can be delivered, will be delivered; things we never would have considered to consistently order for delivery unless we were pretty financially comfortable or ill - and influencers are here to share this information with us. Some people hate on influencers, but you could argue that this is the time to pay attention to them, especially if you’re a follower / consumer. This is a strange time and some people don’t know where to turn for unique resources, meanwhile these unique brands and businesses are coming out of the woodwork and using influencers to promote.

Here are some surprising things we’ve noticed about influencers & the brands their promoting:

  • There’s been a LOT of new meal prep companies promoting the variety of their meal plans

  • Influencers (and “normal” people on Instagram) are sharing their workouts and promoting their source

  • Beauty companies are putting a larger focus on their “clean,” “green” beauty products

  • Virtual activities and classes are being created and promoted...and people are joining

This is all great stuff! Of course we may not know their motives, but any physical business that has the ability to bring something online for their customers is smart because: 1.) they’re doing what they can to maintain brand loyalty and, 2.) they’re giving people an outlet for distraction. What’s great about this time is seeing how consumers are supporting their favorite brands and businesses.

We urge you to support some of your favorite companies (and new ones!) to help keep them in business. Here are some awesome products & resources to help you maintain your “new normal,” while also supporting some smaller businesses:

The Nomad Workout App

Just released to help you get through quarantine! This app has fully customizable workouts so anyone can use it (even your 65-year old parents), and you don’t skip a beat while your gym is closed.


This is the time to keep up with your routine or try something new! Here are a few ways to continue to take care of yourself, organize, and relax during these times:

  • MyPlate Calorie Counter: track your food, save your progress, and create meal plans

  • Fitbit app: even if you don't have a Fitbit, you can still track your exercise and your meals!

  • Recolor app: coloring book app. Enough said.

  • LetGo: you still haven't cleaned out your closet? Now's the time!

  • Sleepzy: a smart alarm clock that tracks your sleep and wakes you up during the lightest sleep phase.

  • Clarity Money: track your spending, cancel subscriptions, view credit score, save money, and so much more.

  • Masterclass: take classes in your favorite field/subject or learn something new from literally the best of the best.

Meal prep companies (click below)

Trying to stay healthy but your grocery store is being cleaned out? Here’s a list of meal prep brands that have menus that cater to different dietary needs and preferences:

Green beauty (click below)

Looking to support clean beauty lines during this trying time? Here are a few established but small business you could purchase from:

And of course...there’s always Amazon.