How To Sell On Pinterest

Pinterest is often the forgotten platform when it comes to brands and their online presence. In reality, the world is using Pinterest as a way to save products they want to purchase, creative ideas, and find inspiration for anything. It’s time brands take advantage of the greatest visual platforms out there!

No matter your brand or what you may be selling, there IS a place for you on Pinterest. Whether you’re a business that sells products or an individual that provides information, this platform is for you.

Why Sell On Pinterest?

Did you know that Pinterest has 320 million monthly active users? It used to simply be a place to save ideas, recipes, DIY projects, and inspirations - and was often compared to Tumblr - but now is a place to sell, purchase, and research products.

The best part? About half of those 320 million users are there just to shop. That’s a huge audience to reach that you may not have before! Now the big question…”how do I reach my audience on Pinterest?”

Let’s break it down!

Your Brand on Pinterest

First and foremost, Pinterest is a strictly visual platform. Meaning, your visual brand should be tight when it comes to presenting yourself. Here’s a quick checklist to ensure your brand is in tip-top shape for Pinterest.

1. Find Your Target Audience

Keep in mind that while your brand itself may be geared towards a certain age group, gender, and other demographics, that may not mean your target audience is on Pinterest.

This chart indicates Pinterests user demographics.

So for example, if your target audience is men 65 years and older, you probably shouldn’t be using Pinterest to attract that crowd just won’t.

2. Create a Business Account

Yes, Pinterest allows you to create a business account instead of a regular, consumer account! Business accounts allow you to see analytics, promote posts, and a host of other selling features. A business Pinterest account is similar to a business Instagram page in that aspect.

If you’ve already created a personal Pinterest account for your brand, no worries. You can easily convert it into a business account. If you haven’t created your account yet, Pinterest does give you the option to open a business account right off the bat.

3. Branding

If you’re an established brand or business, you probably already understand how important it is to have a cohesive, consistent brand across all platforms. So let’s begin!