How To Plan Your Content...The Right Way

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

At Social Light, we like to plan out client content for at least 30 days, minimum (90 days if we’re on a roll). At first glance, that task may seem daunting but once you have a routine for creating content, strategizing your layout, then inputting your copy, it’s actually a breeze! Check out our steps and give it a can thank us later.

Instagram tends to be the platform that involves the most strategy, since you also have to consider the consistency of your feed (not just what the images are, but the tone and design as well), so we’ll mainly be talking about that below.

1. Planning Your Shoot

The first step is to decide what you want your next month (or more) of content to look like. Here are some things to consider:

  • The Visual: Start thinking about the colors that will be in your photos. For example: if you’re creating an account for your new Chihuahua pup, he’s probably a beige color. That may determine the Lightroom filter you use, and the props you use in any photos of him (you can of course change these elements over time).

  • The Message: You want to create and shoot content that ties into these 3 themes: engaging, educating, and exciting. These keywords will help you when creating your mood board (Social Light Tip: we LOVE Pinterest). How can you create engaging content? How can you create educational content? How can you create exciting content?

All of this is a part of what we call your Brand.

Keep in mind that you can always repurpose content later, so make sure you capture some shots that could continue to work on your Instagram for the long term.

2. Shooting Your Content

Whether you’re shooting or creating your content or a professional is, make sure you’re staying on brand, but try to find a unique element that sets you apart.

If you’re an influencer, you have a zillion paths you can take. Here are some spectacularly unique influencers who have nailed a unique brand:

If you’re a product-based brand and, for a fun example, your brand colors are neon pink and neon green (did your heart dance a little bit? Because mine sure did), what style of photographer could you use? Do neon colors remind of a certain decade? How did they shoot professional photography then?

Speaking of professional photography, did you know that killer high-quality content doesn’t have to cost much at all? Sometimes all it costs is a few hours of your day! Social Light Tip: learn phone photography tricks, invest in a tripod, and shoot yourself!

Check out my (Malena) at-home DIY studio background hack for CHEAP!

You can EASILY make your own indoor home studio, and for outdoor shots, just take a few outfits and props and head to a few cute locations around your neighborhood! At Social Light, we love the “candid lifestyle” photos.

We have ALL of our client’s mood boards on our Pinterest; head over to check out some fun shoots we’ve done!

3. Scheduling Your Content

Every piece of content should be intentional, even when scheduling. There are plenty of free and paid schedulers out there and we definitely recommend investing in one. However, if you’re looking to make use of features on certain schedulers like “Best Times” (calculates the best time for you post to go out), make sure they are close to a Tier 1 partner with Instagram. Most schedulers use their own system to calculate your “best time,” and not Instagrams...which means it’s actually not all that accurate.

Study your analytics and figure out the best days and times to be posting on each platform. If you’re not seeing growth based on the analytics you're provided from a scheduler or from Instagram itself, it may be time for you to manually find your best time to post. Take a look at a past blog of ours to learn more about finding your best time to post!

Some content like videos, Reels, swipe posts, and Instagram stories you’ll have to post manually, but everything else has the ability to be scheduled out so you don’t have to worry about your content for another 30+ days!

4. Your Copy

You can be thinking of how to translate the message of your image into the caption before or while you’re shooting content, but when it comes to writing them out, start with the most important message you want to convey.

Take a look at this first caption on this post from Sephora:

“Attention 📣 @paulaschoice is now at Sephora 📣…”

They’ve included emojis to emphasize and draw eyes to their announcement, and their purpose of the post is in that very first line. It of course doesn’t have to be that blunt or immediate, but the general message of your content should be in the beginning of your caption.

If you want some more in-depth help, we have just the blog for you!

Writing Enticing Captions


Whether your 30+ days of content is organized by copy, theme, topic, or imagery, it’s important to maintain consistency and maintain your brand across all platforms.

It can get quite overwhelming, but if you have the time to dedicate to it, you’re in a great place! If you need a team, Social Light is here to help. We have 3 convenient options: Do It Yourself, Do It With You, and Do It For You.

Email us to discover the best way for us to assist you!


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