How The Instagram Reels Algorithm Works - Straight From Instagram!

Since Reels rolled out on Instagram on August 5th, 2020, it’s been a mystery how EXACTLY they work. All we know is that they DO work. Well, about a year later, Instagram has finally made the Reels algorithm public. They’re spilling the tea on which factors the algorithm considers when showing you Reels content.

It’s no surprise that Reels is the top Instagram feature you should be using if you’re looking for growth or engagement, but how exactly does Reels work if you’re a viewer? What do you need to know to hold your audience's attention when creating Reels? We’re touching on both below!

How the Reels Algorithm Works

Creating Reels to Appeal to the Algorithm

Reels Algorithm

Instagram’s Creator account announced in August JUST how to work with the Reels algorithm to gain popularity.

Reels determines which Reels a user is likely to be interested in based on four factors:

  1. If you watch a Reel all the way through

  2. If you Like the Reel

  3. If you comment something positive on the Reel

  4. If you use the audio from a Reel to create your own

Did you know that by viewing and interacting with someone's Reel can also extend their reach? Take a look at these factors, in order of importance:

  1. Your activity

  2. Your history of interaction

  3. Information about the Reel

  4. Information about the person

Your Activity

Instagram focuses on how your engagement history, like which Reels you’ve liked, commented on, and engaged with.

Your History of Interaction

Instagram takes a look at if you’ve ever interacted with the user who posted a Reel, and how you’ve interacted with them.

Information About the Reel