Affordable Holiday Gifts From Local LA Businesses!

This holiday season is undoubtedly a lean one - fewer get-togethers, fewer traditions with family members & friends, fewer gifts. We know that presents aren’t what makes up the holiday season, but it IS sometimes nice to share your love for one another through something thoughtful.

If you’re anything like me (hey, Malena here!) you can’t help but show someone you care through a gift...I do this even outside of the holidays!

Social Light is a local, small business in Los Angeles, so understanding and seeing the hardships other local businesses are going through, we thought what better way to support our small business friends than to put our hands to a keyboard and let you know who YOU can support this holiday season!

Here are some local LA-based businesses you can support if you’re in need of some last minute, yet affordable gifts!


Simply Coffee

A family-owned coffee shop in Burbank brews up some of the most delicious coffee you’ll have ever tasted. They sell whole beans and coffee supplies, and are also selling gift cards!

Light My Fire

It’s a specialty hot sauce store. Need we say more?

Tequilas Cantina

A family-owned business with the friendliest servers, Tequilas is offering pre-made or make-your-own Margaritas for cheaper than you could get at a liquor store!


Something that could be very helpful to a friend or family member in fill their fridge! At this local produce shop, they carry everything: meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, treats, coffee, and so much more.

Now Serving

Their main product: cookbooks from around the world! Like every perfect boutique, they sell more than just that, but this is definitely the perfect gift spot for the chef in your life!

Indulge LA

A women-owned luxurious chocolate shop. While their larger desserts are understandably a bit pricier, you can definitely find some beautifully designed and affordable treats for someone special in your life.

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