5 Tips for Using Reels For Your Brand

By now we know that anyone can be discovered by posting Reels. They tend to see better engagement and you’ll definitely show up on the Explore Page. But how do you use Reels for your brand or business? Let’s find out!

1. Authenticity

We talk about this concept a lot in our blogs, but because it’s the consistent expectation for Instagram and receiving engagement. Whatever your brand, showcase what you have to offer in an authentic yet creative way.

Reels are quick clips, so maybe try:

  • ASMR

  • Quick, fun colors

  • Cool effects

  • Use “hip” social media lingo

  • Social media trends / challenges

It can be difficult to think outside of the box when everyone’s doing the same, but be real and show off what you provide in an enticing, engaging manner.

2. Using Your Products / Services

Whether it’s testimonials from consumers or clients, videos of consumers using your product/service, YOU providing instructions or ideas on how to use your product/service, you can essentially give your audience a visual “try before you buy” type of content.

Product Example: you’re a cocktail glassware company

  • Showcase each product / design in beautiful lighting so your customers can see the quality and exact colors

  • A slow-motion ASMR video of red wine being poured into a large, sparkling red wine glass (mmm, I’m all of a sudden so thirsty)

  • Provide a margarita recipe using one of your fun margarita glasses

  • Tips and creative tricks - even if someone’s broken a glass, could they repurpose it?

Service Example: you’re a social media marketing company (ehemm, the obvious example)

  • 1-3 sentence customer reviews, or single customer testimonial raving about you

  • Show us where the magic happens: give a tour of your office (or what used to be your office if you’re working from home)

  • Create videos about why certain elements of your service are so significant

  • List out the easy-breezy steps of your service in a simplistic way!

(Social Light example might be:

1. We learn your brand & gather your content

2. We create an intentional & tailored social media layout for you