5 Steps To An Instagram Bio That Hooks (and Converts)

By: Kimberly Charleson, featured writer

If you’re selling or looking to grow on Instagram, you need to perfect your bio. These days, the attention span of your audience is extremely short. In fact, studies show internet users have an attention span of only 8 seconds.

That means, wherever you show up on the internet, you want to make your time count. While this article pertains to Instagram directly, you can use these strategies across social media and your website.

Before we get into it, we need you to understand one thing first: Your bio isn’t for or about you. Instead, your bio is the place you make a positive impression to show why the reader needs you to live a better life.

Now let’s dive into five steps to the perfect Instagram bio.

Step One: Do the Preparation

Before you even think about writing a bio, you need to be crystal clear on who you are and who your audience is. The topic of “USP” and “customer avatar” can be its own lesson, but in short, you need to know three things:

  1. Why am I doing this? (knowing your “WHY” is critical)

  2. What industry am I serving, and who within the industry is my ideal client?

  3. What do I offer?

  4. How do I improve my customers’ life?

Without knowing these four things, your bio isn’t going to come together as best as it can. You may have heard it before: If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to nobody.

Once you’ve mastered the prep and have your answers, you’re ready for step two.

Step Two: Craft Your One-Liner

Your “one-liner” will help you IRL and online by giving you a quick, concise way to say what you do and who you help.

Now, there are different methods for coming up with your one-liner, and we’ll share two for you to pick from. This line is ideally the first line of your Instagram bio.


“I help [avatar] do [what can they do with your help?] so that [you’re changing their life in what way]”


“I help [avatar] with [problem] to achieve [goal] through [product/service]”