5 Benefits Of Your Brand On Pinterest

Pinterest is a purely visual platform so if you have or can create a visual aesthetic to your brand, this is the platform you’re probably missing out on!

A couple weeks ago, we wrote up a blog post about how to sell on Pinterest. But maybe you’re now wondering if a business Pinterest account is right for you? The answer is yes! And here’s why:

1. Finding Trends

Think about what you use your personal Pinterest for...possibly finding unique products you might be interested in? Saving products you want in the future? Discovering emerging trends? Using Pinterest is a great way to stay ahead of the game, stay in the loop with what’s happening next in your niche, and find creative ideas for your brand before they’ve gone viral.

There are a few ways that Pinterest presents possible trends for your niche:

When you go to your search bar, Pinterest will have relevant categories for you. Clicking on these are a great place to start!

If you also hover over your Analytics menu (this is only available for a Business Pinterest account) and scroll down to Trends, you’ll automatically see Pinterest’s top trends for the week.

Continuing, if you type in keywords relevant to your brand, you’ll be able to see how that topic is trending and what content is hot right now!

2. Adding Brand Legitimacy

Pinterest is pretty transparent when it comes to your analytics and the platform is pretty easy to use once you’ve played around with it. Pinterest will show people who come to your account how “popular” you are. It may sound silly but consumers want to know other people love what you offer and that you have true fans, not just followers.

At Social Light, we offer a service (not products...yet) and discovered that by posting about our blogs on our Business Pinterest (offering a free service / free information), we could increase our monthly viewers significantly and help others grow or get started with their brand. By increasing our engagement on Pinterest, we have more fans which offers a higher level of brand legitimacy.

Check out our previous blog, How To Sell On Pinterest, to learn how to claim your website and Instagram and brand your Business Pinterest to increase your legitimacy via branding.

3. Driving Website Traffic