Influencer marketing is the new digital PR. Focus is placed on influential people and communities on social media in order to reach a large volume of your target market.

How does it work? We create impactful campaigns that will position your brand directly in front of your core audience(s)! We collaborate with powerful individuals to drive traffic, build awareness, and garner active, lasting engagement.

With our in-house list of over 300 niche influencers, we have the experience and tools to drive successful influencer campaigns, and you receive an ROI. We help your ideal audience discover your brand and turn them into long-lasting consumers.

Platforms we currently use for influencer marketing campaigns:

Our Process

  1. Influencer Campaign Strategy

  2. Influencer Research, Approval & Contracting

  3. Content Approval & Scheduling

  4. Content Goes Live!

  5. Measure, track, and report

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